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Members of the community are welcome to use the library for research.  However, only current MSJC students, faculty or staff members have borrowing privileges.  An MSJC student ID Card, or proof of employment is required.


BORROWING PRIVILEGES WILL BE BLOCKED for overdue items and/or fines totaling $1.00.
Overdue Items and/or fines exceeding $4.99 will prevent you from receiving grades, registering for classes, or placing transcript requests!
PLEASE NOTE: all notices regarding fines and overdue materials are sent via MSJC e-mail addresses.


  • BOOKS - 3 weeks 
  • POPULAR MOVIE DVD's and MUSIC CD's - 1 week 
    (Instructional Videos are available to students for in-library viewing only-INSTRUCTORS: all Videos and CD's check-out for 1 week)
  • RESERVED MATERIALS - 2 hours in library use only


  • BOOKS may be renewed if they are not overdue and no hold has been placed on them. Renewals may be made by telephone, walk-in, or via our online catalog at  To renew online you must have your student ID number and library PIN number.   
  • Renewal Phone Number: 951 639-5455.
  • There are no renewals on Video Tapes, DVD's, or CD's


  • BOOKS - $.25 per day
  • VIDEO TAPES, DVD's, and CD's - $1.25 per day
  • RESERVED MATERIALS - up to $1.25 per hour
  • INTERLIBRARY LOAN BOOKS (ILL'S) - $1.25 per day
  • Fines do not accrue on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays)


Charged price of item + $10 processing fee (Also subject to overdue fines up to $10.00)



Issued within ten days of the payment, only at MVC if payment was made at MVC.   No refund for processing fee. Must present receipt.  (Contact 487-3455 for SJC policy)

The library has only one study room available that is limited to groups of no less than 2, and no more than 6 , on a first come- first served basis. Each member of the group checks out the room for a 2 hour period, and it is not renewable by anyone in the group.

The room is monitored closely in order to provide the optimum access to all students. Because of this:

  • The room is designated for currently registered MSJC students only. 
  • Faculty, Tutors, and Administrators are not allowed to use the room for meetings.


In order to accomplish the Library mission, the Library must ensure that each student is able to access Library resources without compromising the learning environment that all students and users presume to find in an academic library setting.

Therefore the Library has set a reasonable standard of academic library decorum, and as such, expects all students, staff, and community members to conduct themselves with regard for this standard of decorum, which the following appropriate behavior denotes:

  • Refrain from talking on cell phones
  • Keep all audio volumes (verbal and otherwise) at a level that does not disturb other occupants
  • Use library chairs for sitting only, with one person per chair
  • Refrain from sitting or lying on the floor
  • Refrain from engaging in any behavior or act which might be construed as being offensive to others (i.e. of a sexual, violent, or religious nature)
  • Drink only from twist top bottles and cups
  • Refrain from smoking E-cigarettes, eating and placing edible items, and non-twist top bottles and cups on desks, computer pods, table tops, and the floor, and leaving trash behind                                  
  • Wear shoes and shirt or other covering of upper body
  • Adhere to MSJC’s “Acceptable Computer Use” Policies
  • Adhere to MVC Library’s “Children in the Library” Policy

  • Inappropriate Language or Materials (MSJC Student Code of Conduct B. Conduct - Rules and Regulations,#16)

    Since the college’s computer labs are public areas, students shall not access Internet sites that contain pornography, gratuitous violence, non-instructional game interaction, or any material that is deemed to be offensive to others and that is not consistent with Mt. San Jacinto College’s Student Code of Conduct and/or the laws of the United States. The intent of this provision is not to limit academic freedom but to respect the sensibilities of others using these facilities. Students who are doing legitimate academic research on a subject that may be controversial must notify the lab monitor before using the computer to access this material.

 Library Computers may not be used to:
  • Engage in game playing, or "chat" on the Internet.
  • Access pornographic material on the Internet.
  • Make any attempt to alter software configurations.
  • Use any library workstation for any illegal or criminal purpose.
  • Violate copyright laws.
  • Engage in any activity which is deliberately and maliciously offensive, libelous, or slanderous.
  • Install any software.

CHILDREN/MINORS - under 18 years old

  • Children who are not current MSJC students are not allowed in the library.  If your child must briefly accompany you, please see that he/she remains in the front lobby for no longer than 30 minutes per day, is kept quiet and orderly, and does not touch or operate any equipment for student use.
  • Library Personnel take no responsibility for non-registered children left unattended in the library. If children are found to be here without an adult, the administration and/or police will be notified.

POSTING FLYERS/HAND-OUTS - conform to the following:

  • One SGA approved (stamped) flyer, per event, may be posted on the bulletin board in the Copy Center for one month, or until the event is over, whichever comes first. 
  • Hand-outs up to 81/2x11 may be posted in the wall brochure rack next to the Copy Center doors. No SGA approval is necessary, and the hand-outs will remain up for one month, or until the event is over, whichever comes first.


The Library welcomes gifts or donations and accepts them with the understanding that the materials will be evaluated according to the same standards as items purchased by the Library. 

  • Gifts that are not suited to the Library collection because of age, format, topic, physical condition, or other factors will be disposed of according to College policies for surplus items. 
  • The Library reserves the right to refuse a donation if the donor specifies special conditions, including retrieval from the donor's home or special shelving requirements.
  • All gifts are acknowledged by the Library.  However, no monetary evaluation can be done, pursuant to Internal Revenue Service regulation


The purpose of this policy is to provide general guidance in the selection of library materials.  Providing access to appropriate and relevant material to support the curricula and the mission of Mt. San Jacinto College are of primary importance. The library must also be responsive to student interests and strive to create a collection of materials that supports the academic, cultural, and personal information needs of the MSJC community. more>>