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MSJC > Honors Enrichment Program > Current List of Honors Classes

Current List of Honors Classes

Below are the Honors courses that currently have approved curriculum. Not all of these courses will be taught every semester and curriculum is constantly being added and reviewed so the offerings do change each year. If you have any questions about when a particular course might be offered please contact one of the Honors Coordinators.
Accounting 124H Honors Financial Accounting-Principles of Accounting I
Accounting 125H Honors Managerial Accounting-Principles of Accounting II
Anatomy 101H Honors Human Anatomy & Physiology I
Anatomy 101H Honors Human Anatomy & Physiology II
Anthropology 101H Honors Physical Anthropology
Anthropology 102H Honors Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology 104H Honors World Prehistory
Anthropology 145H Honors Introduction to Language and Linguistics
Art 101H Honors Art History: Prehistoric through Medieval Art
Art 102H Honors Art History: Renaissance to 20th Century Art
Art 103H Honors Introduction to Modernism
Art 105H Honors History of Graphic Design
Bus. Administration 103H Introduction to Business
Bus. Administration 104H Honors Business Communications  
Biology 115H Honors Topics in Biology
Biology 125H Honors Microbiology
Biology 135H Honors Introduction to Evolution
Biology 150H Honors General Biology I
Biology 151H Honors General Biology II
Child Development 110H Honors Child Development
Child Development 125H Honors Child, Family and Community
Child Development 131H Honors Children's Literature
Communications 100H Honors Public Speaking
Communications 108H Honors Intercultural Communication
ED 132H Honors Adolescent Literature
English 101H Honors Freshman Composition
English 103H Honors Critical Thinking and Writing
English 104H Honors Business Communications  
English 106H Honors Introduction to Literature
English 130H Honors Introduction to Creative Writing
English 131H Honors Children's Literature
English 132H Honors Adolescent Literature
Enligsh 145H  (was ENGL 245H) Honors Introduction to Language and Linguistics
English 203H Honors Survey of Shakespeare
English 205H Honors World Folklore
English 207H Honors American Literature: Pre-Colonial to 1865
English 208H Honors American Literature 1865 to Present
English 220H Honors Analysis of Fiction
English 231H Honors English Literature: 1775-Present
English 240H Honors Native American Literature
English 250H Honors Women and Literature
English 260H Honors Intro to African-American Literature
English 280H Honors Multi-Ethnic Literature
English 285H Honors World Literature: Antiquity to 1650
English 286H Honors World Literature: 1650 to Present
Environmental Science 101H Honors Environmental Science
Environmental Science 102H Honors Environmental Science Laboratory
Geology 115H Honors Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Geology 120H Honors Intermediate Geographic Information Systems
History 103H Honors History of World Civilizations to 1500
History 104H Honors History of World Civilizations: Since 1500
History  105H Honors  World Environmental History
History 106H Honors The World Since 1900
History 109H Honors Global History of World War II
History 111H Honors U.S. History to 1877
History 112H Honors U.S. History Since 1865
History 150H Honors Race and Ethnicity in U.S. History
Humanities 101H Honors Introduction to the Humanities to 1500
Humanities 102H Honors Introduction to the Humanities Since 1500
Italian 101H Honors Elementary Italian I
Italian 102H Honors Elementary Italian II
Italian 201H Honors Intermediate Italian I
Italian 202H Honors Intermediate Italian II
Math 105H Honors College Algebra
Math 140H Honors Introduction to Statistics
Math 212H Honors Analytic Geometry and Calculus II
Math 213H Honors Analytic Geometry and Calculus III
Management 103H Introduction to Management
Music 100H Honors Introduction and Appreciation of Music
Physical Education 112H Honors Body Conditioning
Philosophy 101H Honors Introduction to Philosophy I
Philosophy 103H Honors Logic
Philosophy 105H Honors Introduction to Ethics
Philosophy 111H Honors Contemporary Philosophy
Philosophy 112H Critical Thinking and Composition (formerly Methods of Argument)
Physics 202H Honors  Electricity and Magnetism
Portugese 101H Honors Elementary Portuguese I
Portugese 102H Honors Elementary Portuguese II
Portugese 201H Honors Intermediate Portuguese I
Portugese 202H Honors Intermediate Portuguese II
Political Science 101H Honors Introduction to American Government and Politics
Political Science 102H Honors Comparative Politics and Government
Political Science 104H Honors Current Political Issues and Trends
Political Science 120H Honors California Government
Psychology 101H Honors Introduction to Psychology
Psychology 103H Honors Human Development
Psychology 104H Honors Psychology of Gender
Sociology 101 Honors Principles of Sociology
Spanish 101H Honors Elementary Spanish
Spanish 102H Honors Intermediate Spanish II
Spanish 201H Honors Intermediate Spanish I
Spanish 202H Honors Intermediate Spanish II
Spanish 230H Honors Spanish Composition I
Spanish 231H Honors Spanish Composition II
Theater Arts 101H Honors Introduction to Theatre