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CurricUNET Training Videos

Please Note:
If you do not have a login ID or password you must email the curriculum office,, for a CurricUNET login ID before you begin the CCC Confer training. Please allow 48 - 72 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, for processing of your request.
CurricUNET Training Center
Welcome, to the CurricUNET Training Center. This page will serve as your gateway to valuable online tutorials that will guide you through the CurricUNET process with ease.

Approval Process

Course Outline of Record - Course Details

Cover page (coming soon)
Units/Hours (coming soon)

Course Outline of Record - External Aspects

Minimum Qualifications (1:47)
General Education and Justification (coming soon)
Prerequisites (9:05)
Comparable Transfer Courses (coming soon)

Course Outline of Record - Distance Education

Cover Page (coming soon)
DE Methods of Instruction (coming soon)
DE Assignments (coming soon)
Regular Effective Contact (coming soon)
DE Methods of Evaluation (coming soon)

Course Outline of Record - Outcomes and Objectives

DLOs (Department Learning Outcomes) (coming soon)
Course objectives (coming soon)
CLOs (Course Learning Outcomes) (coming soon)

Course Outline of Record - Lecture and Lab Content

Lecture Content (coming soon)
Lab Content (coming soon)

Course Outline of Record - Methods of Instruction, Methods of Evaluation, and Assignments

Methods of Instruction (coming soon)
Methods of Evaluation (coming soon)
Assignments (coming soon)

Course Outline of Record - Textbooks and Library Resources

Textbooks (coming soon)
Library Resources (coming soon)

Course Outline of Record - Forms and Attachments

Agenda Forms (coming soon)
Adding Attachments (coming soon)

Course Submissions

2-Year CTE Review (coming soon)
Revising a Course (4:39)
Re-activating a Course (coming soon)
Deactivating a Course (coming soon)
Creating a New Course (coming soon)
Honors Course submission (coming soon)

Award Submissions

Revising an Award (coming soon)
Deactivating an Award (coming soon)
Creating an Award (coming soon)


Overview of CurricUNET (getting started with CurricUNET) (coming soon)
How to tell if my course is out-of-compliance or coming out-of-compliance (coming soon)
How to read and understand the curriculum committee calendar (coming soon)