November 16th, 2000

The meeting started at 8:05am in room 1215 with Becky Elam (co-chair), Dewey Heinsma (co-chair), Patti Braymer, Dennis Hogan, Gail Jensen, and Jeanine Woodford in attendance. Absent were Mary Helen Ish, Dennis Anderson, Guy Reams, Gale Ward, and the ASB representative. Guest Richard Collins arrived at 8:25am.

The minutes of October 26th were presented by Becky Elam and approved as submitted.

Becky and Dewey discussed the Safety Committee's review of the $25,000 quote from Intralink to hook-up telephones in the classrooms for both campuses. The issues of who would have access to use the phones and what the main purpose would be were discussed in length by Becky, Dewey, Dennis, and Patti. The final consensus was that the phones would be used for security and emergency situations only. The Safety Committee will need to rewrite the safety policy. The capital outlay fund would pay for the telephone installation and hook-up. Dewey presented a motion for approval that the Budget Development Committee recommends the Safety Committee rewrite the safety policy to include the usage of classroom telephones for security and emergency situations only. Dewey moved and Dennis seconded.

Becky distributed handouts in regard to the deferred maintenance plan. Funds for our scheduled maintenance projects are adequately reserved. The Chancellor's office issues life safety criteria and rankings for scheduled maintenance plans. A newly formed facility committee along with the Cabinet will be meeting to discuss our maintenance plans allowing for a wider input within the college.

Dewey discussed percentages earmarked for instructional wants and needs. Becky distributed financial ledgers showing the budgets for instructional repairs and also stated that criteria will be developed in the new facility committee to address the instructional needs. Further discussion between Becky, Dewey, and Dennis included the $16,000 in repairs for the Music department, warranties, and possible interruption of instruction due to unforeseen emergency repairs. There is a contingency fund in place as noted on the handouts under S15 with a current available balance of $85,277.78.

Richard Collins arrived and Becky updated him on the current discussion. Richard Collins stated that the instructional repair budget has been increased, however, he feels that it is not enough and that a deferred maintenance proposal needs to be developed for all new equipment purchases. Becky stated that an excellent opportunity would be with the block grant monies and making use of extended warranty options. Dennis stated that with most computers there is a standard three-year warranty. An idea could possibly be that $10 is set aside with every monitor that is purchased. Further discussion revealed several possible solutions such as using VTEA and/or TTIP monies. Guy Reams has started a study of alternative solutions to the instructional technology repair issue.

Dewey questioned as to why we are not charging a computer lab fee. Patti and Becky stated that a fee would be in violation of the education code. Dewey wondered how the universities are able to charge a lab fee. Richard Collins noted that Title V strictly prohibits charging for anything except paper and toner and that anything directly related to a class assignment cannot be charged to the student. Dewey wondered what the dollar value would be associated with the cost recovery of the paper and toner for a fiscal year. It was estimated to be approximately $25,000 to $30,000. Becky stated that we need to be pro-active for the student's benefit.

Dewey, Richard, and Dennis discussed high cost programs paying for repairs or replacement within their own budgets and the possible quality of the programs not being sustainable. Dennis mentioned that possibly inventory tagging with a bar code noting the funding source for a more accurate picture of the repair/replacement cost. Richard would like to see a plan that includes the actual costs along with an accurate inventory history with instructional monitoring on repair/replacement dates of equipment. The general decision was that a detailed plan needs to be developed with the repair/replacement cost issue clearly defined.

Becky asked that due to time constraints the energy and PFE agenda items be forwarded to the next meeting on December 14th, 2000. Dewey stated that he will research the fees being charged by RCC and will present his findings at the next meeting. Richard Collins suggested a possible mark and metering option for fees.

The meeting adjourned at 9:05am.

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