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MSJC > Classified Senate > Classified Senate Constitution

Classified Senate Constitution

Mt. San Jacinto College
Classified Senate Constitution

Revised & Approved: May 2010 (in revision, April 2014)



1.      Represent the various non-bargaining needs, concerns and viewpoints of all classified staff.


2.      Promote the recognition of classified staff as a valued part of the college work force.


3.      Serve as the official vehicle for classified participation in shared governance as defined in applicable state codes and district policy. The senate is responsible for involving classified staff in campus committees which review non-restrictive policies, procedures, practices, needs, assessments, and development of new ideas.

4.      Encourage the exchange of ideas and understanding between classified staff, faculty, administrators and the Board of Trustees, and to provide a centralized means of communication between classified staff and other areas of the college.

5.      An opportunity to develop individual leadership contribution and development among the members of the classified staff.




For the purpose of this constitution, the term "classified staff" shall mean permanent non-management* employees designated by the district to be "classified" employees whose duties do not require an administrative or instructional credential. All classified staff, full-time & part-time, as herein defined, shall be eligible for membership in the Classified Senate.

*Management personnel are defined by their membership in the Mt. San Jacinto College Management council, and/or placement on management salary schedule.




A.    Members of the Classified Senate shall be elected for a term of two (2) years, with the exception of the President, who will serve a third year as Past President.


B.     The Classified Senate shall be represented by Officers and members-at-large. Officers of the Classified Senate shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President and seven (7) members-at-large, with at least 3 members at large from each campus. (MVC or SJC) The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be members of permanent classified staff. The Past President may elect at the conclusion of the third year to remain as an eighth member-at-large through the remainder of the term.

C.     Upon taking office, members of the Classified Senate shall appoint officers from among their ranks by majority vote. (See Meetings, Article A.)

1.    The President shall:

a. Serve as official delegate of, and advocate for, the electorate in all functions of the college. The Classified Senate President is authorized to express publicly the Senate's position on issues and recommendations related to governance.

b. Be one of the official representatives of Classified Senate on its purposes.

c. Give direction in any development of the Classified Senate on its purposes.

d. Have general authority to administer and/or maintain the affairs of the Classified Senate between meetings.

e. Coordinate the appointment of all members of standing and ad hoc committees formed by the Senate.

f. Determine the agenda for all meetings of the Classified Senate and general electorate and preside at all such meetings.

g. Serve as liaison with other college senates.

2.    The Vice-President shall:

a. Assume the duties of the President during the President's absence, at the request of the President or for the unexpired term in the event that the President is unable to complete a term of office.

b. Serve as coordinator of shared governance committee assignments including monitoring openings on various committees and members of the electorate interested in committee service.

c. Serve as Chief Election Officer for all elections conducted by the Classified Senate during his/her term of office, except for election of Classified Senate officers.

3.    The Secretary shall:

a. Assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President and Vice President.

b. Assume the responsibility of recording all minutes of the Classified Senate and general electorate assemblies, and distribute copies of minutes appropriately.

c. Organize correspondence; disseminate notifications and reminders of appointments, meeting time, and assemblies; be responsible for a register, or roll, of senate attendance or regular and special meetings.

4.   The Treasurer shall:

a. Serve as Chief Financial Officer for the Classified Senate including maintaining financial records, disburse funds and submit financial reports as requested by the Classified Senate.

b. Produce an annual report of annual income and expenses for distribution to the electorate.



A. As coordinated by the Vice President, the Classified Senate shall ratify all classified appointments to college governance committees.

B. In order to deal with issues that may from time to time arise, the Classified Senate may appoint ad hoc committees that will report back with recommendations.




A. Nominations for the Senate shall be by written petition and written acceptance of the nominee.

B. All members shall be elected by secret ballot during the month of May each school year with their term of office to commence July 1 and end on June 30 of the second year.

C. A vacancy may occur through resignation, leave of absence, death, or by declaration. If a vacancy occurs, such vacancy may be filled by appointment of the Senate.

D. A resignation from the Senate must be submitted in writing to the Senate.

E. Upon a member's unexcused absence from three consecutive regular Senate meetings, the position will be declared vacant.

F. Upon resignation of all officers, the remaining members will call an election.

G. Should there be no remaining members, a new election may be called by the electorate.


A. Within ten days of taking office, the newly elected Classified Senate shall hold an organizational meeting to elect officers and establish the dates and times for regular meetings. (See Organization, Article C.)

B. Regular meetings of Classified Senate shall take place a at any Mt. San Jacinto Community College District facility. Days and times to be determined by the Classified Senate.

C. The Classified Senate is authorized to call special meetings from time-to-time as needed. Use of electronic media can be utilized: any communications media in use now or to be invented.

D. The Classified Senate shall observe the letter and spirit of the Brown Act and any other pertinent California legislation regarding open meetings.

E. A quorum will consist of a simple majority of currently filled seats.



Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by either a majority of the Classified Senate or by petitions of the memberships containing the signatures of no less than 20% of the electorate. Petitions containing sufficient signatures shall be presented to the Classified Senate at a regular meeting.


Following the valid proposition of an amendment to the constitution the vice-president shall organize a special election to be held within no less than twenty days and no more than thirty days. Copies of the proposed amendments shall be made available to the electorate within five working days. The ballot shall state the amendment in total and require a vote of yes (approval) or nay (rejection). The amendment shall be approved if at least two-thirds of the voting electorate votes yes.