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MSJC > Budget Watch > Budget Questions

Budget Questions

The Budget Question & Answer page is here to respond to questions about California budget's impact on Mt. San Jacinto Community College District.

If you would like to submit a question, please send an email to Your email will then be forwarded to the appropriate individual at the district or campus level and the answer posted on this page.

Budget Questions & Answers

1.   Q.   Will there be training opportunities, such as discipline and classroom management, even with the current budget crisis? 

A.  The District is developing low cost ways to continuing training in these areas.  It is extremely important that we continue with our professional development programs and maintain a current level of training in these areas.


2.   Q.  Will travel be eliminated?

A.  Mandatory travel for technical training, program compliance, or health and safety training is a must and cannot be ignored.   Though the District must be frugal with all aspects of spending, travel has not been eliminated.


3.   Q.  What is the amount of the District Reserve?

A.  The District Reserve is $3 million in the 2012-2013 Adopted Budget.  This is a significant drop from fiscal year 2009-10 when the reserve was at $6.1 million.  The District is required to hold a 6% reserve per board policy.


4.   Q.  What is the status of the Wildomar Property?

A.  Recently the Courts ruled in favor of the District which grants the District the option to purchase this property.  However no action will be taken until the Educational Master Plan and Facilities Master Plan are completed.  The District has an option to buy the property until April 2010. 


 5  Q.  The categorical programs took a major cut.  How can the District continue to help the students who need these services?

A.   Due to ADA regulations there are services that the District must provide.  Beth Gomez, the Dean of Business Services is meeting with all categorical program coordinators to assist them with reshaping their budgets due to the severe cuts.  While the Federal Government has pledged American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding to assist categorical programs it is unknown when and the amount of ARRA dollars will be available to the District. 

Nonetheless, the District has made a commitment to serve students by providing backfill dollars from the Unrestricted General Fund to offset some of the major cuts to the categorical programs.


6.  Q.  Will there be midyear cuts?

A.  It is uncertain whether the Legislature will have to resort to midyear cuts.  Many budget experts at the state level believe there is tremendous pressure from many groups not to revisit the budget because of its already low levels of funding.  In addition, the state is required to meet minimal funding levels in order to qualify for federal stimulus money and so this is another factor working against additional cuts.


 7.  Q.  Will the budget crisis be over soon?

A.  According to a recent report by the California Community College Board of Governors, the massive decline in California’s resources as a result of the worldwide financial collapse is likely to create a “major threat” for the next several years.  The Board believes that investment in the Community College system is key to economic recovery because of the system’s ability to deliver large-scale education and workforce training programs at a low cost to its students.